Episode 98: “Oh, I’ve Wasted My Life…”

In this episode:

– Nintendo done does what we all done thought they was gonna done do

– Dan reveals he had a Virtual Boy. No, that’s not like a Real Doll

– Eric goes to the doctor and it gets graphic

– Somehow we wind up talking about Johnny Depp

– Marvel’s Inhumans trailer drops and things look… cheap

– Eric vs a toy collector: No matter who wins, we all lose.

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Episode 97: Dan! Aaaah-AH! He’ll Save Every One of Us!

In this episode…

– Dan is a hero!

– Eric is a hero… but he can’t talk about that.

– Adam West is a dead hero.

– Pineapple Pizza guy lived long enough to see himself become the villain.

– Steve Harvey is just awful…

– Dan saw Wonder Woman!

– We BOTH saw the Black Panther trailer.

– And E3 happened, we guess.

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Episode 96: Take 2!

In this episode, Eric & Dan…

– Enjoyed recording this episode so much we did it twice!

– Tom Hardy as Venom? Sure, whatever.

– Wonder Woman is the GREATEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EV-ER. (But, while fully supporting the movie and women in general, Eric has no interest in seeing it. Also, Tanner was right)

– A wild moron appears!

– What former gameshow host is a terrible person? The answer may surprise you.

– We WAX NOSTALGIC about getting video games from the cage using Toys “R” Us tickets (FIGHT US).

– Eric can’t stop finding Nintendo Switches and NOT buying them.

– And finally some friends and listeners decided to be BIG MEN and start their own podcast. 

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Episode 95: Too Stupid To Quit

In this episode Eric & Dan talk about…

– Chris Cornell

– Roger Ailes (Guess which one we make fun of)

– Death to avoid consequences

-Wonder Woman NASCAR crashes and burns (TOO EASY)

– Eric & Dan saw GotG Vol. 2 and Eric forgot Dan was there

– The seedy world of Michigan Comic Cons

– Annnnd the Q Line. The Detroit mover-of-people… that only goes three miles.

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After Dark: The 90’s

Eric is joined by Tanner as they take a meandering stroll through the decade fondly remembered as The 90’s. From Crystal Pepsis to Super Soakers filled with diluted urine, this podcast has it all!

Buckle up, folks. This is our longest podcast yet.

Music by Mark Christopher

Episode 94: We’ve Got Nowhere Else To Go

In this episode:

-Eric & Dan… back together!

-Eric played yet another indie game that made him weepy

-Retro arcade games…in a BAR?!? What a concept!

-Dan’s potty mouth gets a listener in trouble

-C2E2 and Marvel vs DC for the rights to Eric’s attention

-Fyre Fest a hilariously mismanaged festival for rich people which sounds mighty familiar

-Episode 100 is coming and we have NO IDEA what to do. Do you?

-Star Wars Celebration happened and our predictions were 33% accurate

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Extra Secret Podcast After Dark: Future vs The Past

Good things come in threes and then there’s Frank…

Frank returns for a THIRD time to force Eric into the PSVR! Let’s see what happens…

PS: Frank left out the most hilarious part of using the PSVR after we stopped recording, “BTW, you may have some nightmares tonight and you may wake up not knowing where you are.” Pffft. Like that doesn’t already happen EVERY DAY.

Music by Mark Christopher 

Episode 93: Faces For Radio


In this episode:

-Eric gets burned by Amazon

-Eric gets burned by his cat’s pharmacist

-We talk about the Thor trailer

-Rick & Morty reverse April Fool us

-A Detroit/Windsor radio station is on the way out. Along with the rest of radio as a medium

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Episode 92: Pet Medical Bankruptcy And You: A Beginner’s Guide

CRAP AUDIO WARNING: While editing this we discovered that one of our mics may be fried and since we have no time to RE-record an episode, you get this. Proceed at your own risk.

If you can endue it, we talk about a bunch of stuff I’m too exhausted to type out now.


Episode 91: Vidiots

In this episode…

-Hey, everyone! An Old Dan is speaking… Let’s listen!

-Dan announces what he’s been tirelessly working on behind the scenes.

-The Nintendo Switch is out! Smells great, tastes awful.

-Eric wonders how long it’ll take for a Joy-Con to go… Well, that happened after we recorded.

-Eric also reviewed the Doctor Strange blu-ray on Amazon.

-Eric calls Comcast and talked to Jamaica.

-Classic arcades are DYING!

-Insane genius plays EVERY NINTENDO GAME EVER.

-And we close it out with Listener Mail… FRANK.

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