Episode 107: Doomsday Co*k

Eric & Dan alone at last! So…Alone…

– It’s post Thanxgivin’ Dan worked, Eric watched him work, and then they bought video games.

– Star Wars Battlefront 2 was not good.

– Justice League was also not good. Which made us sad.

– It’s funny because DC is making some good comics right now. Case in point: Doomsday Clock was pretty cool

– Dan watched The Punisher

– The Tragically Hip documentary Long Time Runnin’ is on Netflix now. Required watching.

– And finally a correct correction from last episode

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Music by Dot Org 

Episode 106: Uncharted Waters

Eric and Dan are joined by AN ACTUAL WOMAN in this episode:

– Dan played both the new Super Mario AND South Park

– We all saw Thor: Ragnarok


– New terrible seasonal sodas

– Our pals from the Cybertronic Spree were in town

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Music by Dot Org