Episode 102: Now Available On LP!

Eric & Dan! Back at it again!

-We start the show off with a chuckle!

-A peek behind the curtain as to how our “studio” is decorated.

-Our pals at Passenger Recovery now have a podcast! Check it out!

-Eric saw IT. What? IT. Saw what? The movie IT. The movie it what?

-Eric had a run in with another nerd! And it didn’t suck!

-Someone done went and got a new victrola!

-Dan expands upon the depth of his show prep.

-Celebrities! They’re just like us! Except attractive and rich.

-And we bring it on home by talking about DEATH.

Theme music by Dot Org

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Episode 101: Eric & Dan Ride Again


First things first, super dope new intro by Ben Potter.

What have Eric & Dan been up to? We’re gonna tell you!

-Warp 9 Comics is the BEST OF DETROIT

-Dan has been busy twitching. Wait, busy with Twitch. It’s a website.

-Eric wrote an article for BiffBamPop and it got noticed!

-Force Friday happened…yawn.

-Nintendo botched the pre-orders for the SNES, surprising no one.

-Gibraltar Trade Center has gone away.

-A gun gets pulled at Wal-Mart, also surprising no one.

-Twin Peaks ended (maybe?) and it was weird as hell.

-And finally there’ s a big auction of nerdy movie props and we day dream a bit.


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Theme music “Exploding Life” by Dot Org