Episode 98: “Oh, I’ve Wasted My Life…”

In this episode:

– Nintendo done does what we all done thought they was gonna done do

– Dan reveals he had a Virtual Boy. No, that’s not like a Real Doll

– Eric goes to the doctor and it gets graphic

– Somehow we wind up talking about Johnny Depp

– Marvel’s Inhumans trailer drops and things look… cheap

– Eric vs a toy collector: No matter who wins, we all lose.

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Episode 97: Dan! Aaaah-AH! He’ll Save Every One of Us!

In this episode…

– Dan is a hero!

– Eric is a hero… but he can’t talk about that.

– Adam West is a dead hero.

– Pineapple Pizza guy lived long enough to see himself become the villain.

– Steve Harvey is just awful…

– Dan saw Wonder Woman!

– We BOTH saw the Black Panther trailer.

– And E3 happened, we guess.

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Episode 96: Take 2!

In this episode, Eric & Dan…

– Enjoyed recording this episode so much we did it twice!

– Tom Hardy as Venom? Sure, whatever.

– Wonder Woman is the GREATEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EV-ER. (But, while fully supporting the movie and women in general, Eric has no interest in seeing it. Also, Tanner was right)

– A wild moron appears!

– What former gameshow host is a terrible person? The answer may surprise you.

– We WAX NOSTALGIC about getting video games from the cage using Toys “R” Us tickets (FIGHT US).

– Eric can’t stop finding Nintendo Switches and NOT buying them.

– And finally some friends and listeners decided to be BIG MEN and start their own podcast. 

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