Episode 95: Too Stupid To Quit

In this episode Eric & Dan talk about…

– Chris Cornell

– Roger Ailes (Guess which one we make fun of)

– Death to avoid consequences

-Wonder Woman NASCAR crashes and burns (TOO EASY)

– Eric & Dan saw GotG Vol. 2 and Eric forgot Dan was there

– The seedy world of Michigan Comic Cons

– Annnnd the Q Line. The Detroit mover-of-people… that only goes three miles.

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Music by Dot Org

After Dark: The 90’s

Eric is joined by Tanner as they take a meandering stroll through the decade fondly remembered as The 90’s. From Crystal Pepsis to Super Soakers filled with diluted urine, this podcast has it all!

Buckle up, folks. This is our longest podcast yet.

Music by Mark Christopher

Episode 94: We’ve Got Nowhere Else To Go

In this episode:

-Eric & Dan… back together!

-Eric played yet another indie game that made him weepy

-Retro arcade games…in a BAR?!? What a concept!

-Dan’s potty mouth gets a listener in trouble

-C2E2 and Marvel vs DC for the rights to Eric’s attention

-Fyre Fest a hilariously mismanaged festival for rich people which sounds mighty familiar

-Episode 100 is coming and we have NO IDEA what to do. Do you?

-Star Wars Celebration happened and our predictions were 33% accurate

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Music by Dot Org