Episode 92: Pet Medical Bankruptcy And You: A Beginner’s Guide

CRAP AUDIO WARNING: While editing this we discovered that one of our mics may be fried and since we have no time to RE-record an episode, you get this. Proceed at your own risk.

If you can endue it, we talk about a bunch of stuff I’m too exhausted to type out now.


Episode 91: Vidiots

In this episode…

-Hey, everyone! An Old Dan is speaking… Let’s listen!

-Dan announces what he’s been tirelessly working on behind the scenes.

-The Nintendo Switch is out! Smells great, tastes awful.

-Eric wonders how long it’ll take for a Joy-Con to go… Well, that happened after we recorded.

-Eric also reviewed the Doctor Strange blu-ray on Amazon.

-Eric calls Comcast and talked to Jamaica.

-Classic arcades are DYING!

-Insane genius plays EVERY NINTENDO GAME EVER.

-And we close it out with Listener Mail… FRANK.

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Theme music by Dot Org

After Dark: Logan


In this After Dark episode, Eric is joined by the titular Tanner previously of the Chris and Tanner podcast. Together they breakdown the recently released GREAT FILM Logan…and subsequently spoil the sh*t out of it. So, spoiler-goggles on. You’ve been warned. (Seriously, if you haven’t seen Logan yet, don’t listen.)

They also begin to assemble the pantheon of all-time great superhero movies in a podcast that transcends both time and space.

After Dark intro/outro music by Mark Christopher

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