Episode 85: Is It A Selfless Act If You Tell Everyone About It?

In this episode Eric & Dan:

-Celebrate the release of Star Wars Rogue One! Not by going to SEE it, but debating which prequel was worse (Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones)

-Eric’s parents and Dan have similar TV watching habits

-Dan gets the Super Mario runs! Wait…

-Eric played the Telltale Batman game and that spawns a larger conversation about the future of video game entertainment

-This year’s MUST HAVE TOY…

-The must have toys from our past that we didn’t exactly want

-Eric narcs on his neighbors

-We donated to Toys 4 Tots not because we are nice people but because we want to TALK about what nice people we are

-We bring it home by talking about Eric’s funeral! Happy Holidays!

“Wonderful Christmastime” by Mark Christopher

Theme music by Dot Org