Episode 84: We Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

It’s somewhat of a return to form in our new America!  Join us as we talk about fun stuff like:

-Mass shootings! (Crap, that took a turn real quick)

-Comic books (Back on track!)

-Elderly loved ones and their slow slide into dementia (You know what? I quit)

Then we talk about some movies! Spoilers for Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. If you haven’t been near the internet for a month, that is.

Music by Dot Org

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After Dark: Nothing In The Rulebook

A very special transatlantic version of the show as Eric is joined by the minds behind nothingintherulebook.com!

(Yes, the audio on our end sucks. Give us a break, it was going ACROSS AN OCEAN. What’ve you done today? That’s what we thought.)

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Intro/outro theme music by Mark Christopher