Episode 80: The Glory Of The 80’s

In this episode:

-Dan and Eric watch some SPORTS!

-Dan gets excited about MARIO… ON THE IPHONE! Eric continues not to care about the PS4… A system he owns.

-Eric talks about his long and boring drive to Toronto

-Dan perp walks to a bidet

-Internet panhandling: Friend or Foe?

-Don’t forget to never forget. We recount where we were on 9/11


After Dark: The Cybertronic Spree

In this After Dark episode, Eric travels all the way to TORONTO… Because when someone asks if you want to interview an Autobot and his human pal, you say YES.

Special thanks to Shaun Hatton (@megshaun on Twitter) for making this AND Nerd Noise Night 2016 possible.

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After Dark intro/outro theme music by Mark Christoper. Visit him at markchristopher.bandcamp.com