Episode 76: In Which We Get The Bird…

We survived! Eric & Dan back at it again with more podcastery!

In this episode:

-Dan has a day that ends in death but a lesson is learned.

-Talk about the forthcoming hiatus. You’ve been warned.

-In The News: Butt Bacon Bonanza, Zach Snyder V Everyone, Lady V Cake

-We close the episode with a Casual Gamer chat about E3 which just ended.

-We’re still not sold on VR.

-Eric declares 2017 will be the year of revolutionary Dong Physics in video games #DongPhysics.

Just another reminder: We’re taking July off. Keep an eye on this feed and on Twitter @extrasecretcast so if we decide to drop a hot mixtape or After Dark episode you’ll be the FIRST to know.

Them music: “Exploding Life” by Dot Org. Visit him at saykaydotorg.bandcamp.com

Episode 75

We made it! Another milestone episode!

In this episode…

-We tackle a listener(s) submitted story

-A sinister Google Chrome extension has its eyes on Dan

-“I’m from The Vatican! You’re F**ked!”

-Dan once met an real-life Transylvanian and did NOT get turned into one of the children of the night!

And then…