Episode 74: Burn This Mutha Down

In This Episode…

-Dan is back!

-We did NOT go to MCCC!

-Ghostbusters is the most disliked trailer in the history of YouTube!

-Eric got his car from a valet and his iPod had an unfortunate song on shuffle!

-Shipping container restaurants are coming to Detroit!

-Spoilers! We talk about the DC Rebirth comic leak!

After Dark Episode 10: The Quest For Content

Chris from chrisandtanner.com returns! If you don’t listen to the Chris and Tanner Podcast…you should!

Eric and Chris went into this recording cold so join them as they search for content.

They speak of:

-Road Rage and Rage in general

-Fighting their fathers

-How old is old? Did we waste our youth by not writing books about dragons?

-Stupid webcomics!

-Stupid webcomics F**king!

-We skirt precariously close to infringing on the Chris and Tanner  Love/Hate game IP

After Dark Intro/Outro by Mark Christopher. Visit him @ markchristophermusic.bandcamp.com