Episode 73: A Current Affair

In this episode we…

Talk a little about Prince because why not?

We play “Guess Who Eric’s Related To?” with another news story

Eric gets a new neighbor!

And more!

SHOW NOTES: We’ve got some After Dark episodes coming before regular shows start up again in late May. In July we’re going on a brief hiatus. You’ve been warned. You’ll be okay. We never meant to cause you any sorrow…We never meant to cause you any pain.

After Dark Episode 8: Up, Up, Down, Down, B, A, B, A, Frank!

“So you think you can podcast?”

In this After Dark episode, Eric is joined by listener Frank who thinks he has what it takes to start a podcast!

The predetermined topic of discussion is VIDEO GAMES which has never, ever, ever been covered on a podcast before in the history of podcasting.

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Theme music composed by Mark Christopher. Visit him at markchristopher.bandcamp.com

Episode 72: Batman V Superman Ruined My Weekend

In this episode:

Eric goes to see Batman V Superman: #DawnOfJustice and his life goes to hell.

In the second segment, Eric and Dan talk about what was cracking’ in 1999. Predictably, it gets dark. Then weird.

Then, as a palate cleanser, they delve deep into the April 1999 issue of Wizard magazine. Spoilers: Kevin Smith was king.