Episode 70: Leap Day!

In this episode we talk about:

-Dan and Eric turn a corner and may finally be recognized for their podcasting greatness.  Wait, that can’t be right…

-Parents trying to understand emojis

-Marvel v DC: Dawn of R Rated Super Hero Movies


-And finally, Dan quizzes Eric on the Razzies

Episode 69: Failures and Toy Fair

In this episode…

-Eric starts things off by apologizing to Endless Mike and the Beagle Club for a botched recording. You should all go to their Bandcamp page and BUY THEIR MUSIC to make up for Eric’s failure.

-We talk about how a human piece of sh*t allegedly got bilked out of 15 million dollars

-We talk about another fine and upstanding citizen  who got caught putting trout in his trousers

-Dan retells a Chris Rock joke with no context and completely loses Eric in the process (No, it’s not THAT joke)

-And we finish strong by talking about New York Toy Fair

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After Dark Episode 7: Brook Pridemore Returns!

In this installment of the Extra Secret Podcast After Dark, Eric is once again joined by the official poet laureate of the show…Brook Pridemore!

They speak of many, many things:


GG Allin

The album Dopesmoker by the band Sleep

Regional fast food

Live tweeting vs sh*t posting

…and a whole lot more!

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Episode 68: Reboot, Reimagine, Recycle

In this episode, Eric and Dan talk about:


The implosion of the Fine Bros

Tony the Tiger being a prude and Chester Cheetah being a straight up FREAK!

Then they cap it off with a discussion on various reboots, reimaginings and if they worked or not.

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