Episode 62: Devil Nights!

In this episode Eric and Dan discuss…

A regional Detroit tradition!

The 30th anniversary of one of the best Halloween specials EVER!

The abomination known as “Trunk or Treat!” (I just threw up a little typing that)


Crackpot theories on the next Star Wars film!

Happy Halloween everybody!

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After Dark Episode 5: HALLOWEEN

In this king-sized Halloween special episode, Eric is joined by friend of the show (and chief Halloween corespondent) Chris.

They talk about prime neighborhoods for Trick or Treating, Eric’s parents and their dark side, haunted houses, AND Chris treats us all to a story from The Little Giant Book of “True” Ghost Stories. Or is it tricks?

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Episode 61: …And We’re Back! Part 2

After a brief hiatus Eric & Dan are back in the podcasting saddle!

It’s a real corker of an episode! So much so that we’re not going to type any show notes this time!

Except for THIS important one: This episode’s “Station Identification” is Roulette! by Electric Six from their new album “Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!” Available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Catch them on tour NOW and visit them at electricsix.com

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