Episode 59 – I Am The Law

In this episode:

No, you’re not joining us in media res (look it up) but a little recording snafu cut off the first few seconds of each segment. One of the joys of recording, editing, and posting all in the same day. Whatever. None of this matters.

Eric talks about going to jury duty (or is it…doody?), and the win-loss-win of the recent Kickstarter projects they’ve talked about.

Dan talks about going to the hospital AGAIN and then reads the news.

And they close by talking about the forthcoming Star Wars media blitz.

Episode 58 – The Price Is Wrong

In this episode…

-The guys delight over the fact that the FF movie is EXACTLY what they predicted it would be. It’s pretty sad, actually

-A “hidden gem of Detroit” closes after 40 years

-Another less hidden, and less gem-like place near-ish to Detroit gets closer to closing

-Man shoots armadillo, self

-We have another plug party. Are YOU invited?

And finally, Eric brings up a Kickstarter solely to upset Dan

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