Episode 21 – Eric’s Ark! (or lack thereof)

In this episode Danny has a problem with a CNN anchor being clueless and Eric recounts his harrowing ordeal in our Great Detroit Flood Special.

Episode 20 – Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza!!

In this episode we discuss our favorite summer movies and Eric breaks down the worst movies he saw this summer so the rest of us didn’t have to go. Zod bless Eric!

Episode 19 – DINO DRAC FUN PACK!!! YEAH!!

In this episode we discuss the redesign of one of Eric’s favorite things in the whole wide world, white people trying to ruin the internet again and our first DINO DRAC FUN PACK!!!!

Episode 18 – I got your excelsior right here pal!

In this episode we discuss a man crashing his car in to a beehive, Primus doing a cover record of one of our favorite movies and San Diego Comic Con. Were Eric’s predictions correct? Plus Danny has some harsh words for a couple of “celebrities”.