Episode 80: The Glory Of The 80’s

In this episode:

-Dan and Eric watch some SPORTS!

-Dan gets excited about MARIO… ON THE IPHONE! Eric continues not to care about the PS4… A system he owns.

-Eric talks about his long and boring drive to Toronto

-Dan perp walks to a bidet

-Internet panhandling: Friend or Foe?

-Don’t forget to never forget. We recount where we were on 9/11


After Dark: The Cybertronic Spree

In this After Dark episode, Eric travels all the way to TORONTO… Because when someone asks if you want to interview an Autobot and his human pal, you say YES.

Special thanks to Shaun Hatton (@megshaun on Twitter) for making this AND Nerd Noise Night 2016 possible.

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After Dark intro/outro theme music by Mark Christoper. Visit him at markchristopher.bandcamp.com


Episode 79: It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken

In this episode:

-Dan finally sees Suicide Squad!

-Batman v Superman v Lady v Cake 2: Dawn of Smacking’ Yo Face!

-The Tragically Hip played their last show over the weekend and this made Eric sad

-We’re part of Detroit, this I know, because the Yeezus told me so

-If you wanna pledge this frat you’re gonna have to eat a face

-Dan hustles his way into a Wii U

-A movie adaptation of a comic differs from the source material and “fans” lose their minds. This just in: water=wet

-Eric talks about his new gig.


Theme music by Dot Org. Visit him at saykaydotorg.bandcamp.com

Episode 78: If A Tree Falls On Dan’s Car Does It Make A Sound?

In this episode:

-Dan hath angered God and God smote Dan thus. Old Testament Styleee.

-We’re burning through natural resources at an alarming (yet wholly unsurprising) rate.

-Eric is voting Boo Berry because The Count is a madman who will nuke the Honeycomb Hideout with no provocation.

-McDonald’s NZ has a make your own burger contest with predictable results

-Vapin’, brah.

-Eric takes another cinematic bullet and goes to see Suicide Squad.

Episode 77: We’re Back!

In this episode:

-Eric and Dan return from hiatus. Older. Wiser, Nah, nothing has changed.

-Eric stayed up 26 hours for work

-Dan became a Poke-Master (whatever the f*ck that is)

-Eric saw Ghostbusters and Star Trek…Beyond!

-We go to Comic Con! Well, we didn’t actually go. But we DO give our hot takes on stuff we heard from a guy who heard from a guy who had a cousin that went last year! High quality podcasting here. We missed you.

Theme music by Dot Org. Visit him at saykaydotorg.bandcamp.com

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Episode 76: In Which We Get The Bird…

We survived! Eric & Dan back at it again with more podcastery!

In this episode:

-Dan has a day that ends in death but a lesson is learned.

-Talk about the forthcoming hiatus. You’ve been warned.

-In The News: Butt Bacon Bonanza, Zach Snyder V Everyone, Lady V Cake

-We close the episode with a Casual Gamer chat about E3 which just ended.

-We’re still not sold on VR.

-Eric declares 2017 will be the year of revolutionary Dong Physics in video games #DongPhysics.

Just another reminder: We’re taking July off. Keep an eye on this feed and on Twitter @extrasecretcast so if we decide to drop a hot mixtape or After Dark episode you’ll be the FIRST to know.

Them music: “Exploding Life” by Dot Org. Visit him at saykaydotorg.bandcamp.com

Episode 75

We made it! Another milestone episode!

In this episode…

-We tackle a listener(s) submitted story

-A sinister Google Chrome extension has its eyes on Dan

-“I’m from The Vatican! You’re F**ked!”

-Dan once met an real-life Transylvanian and did NOT get turned into one of the children of the night!

And then…

Episode 74: Burn This Mutha Down

In This Episode…

-Dan is back!

-We did NOT go to MCCC!

-Ghostbusters is the most disliked trailer in the history of YouTube!

-Eric got his car from a valet and his iPod had an unfortunate song on shuffle!

-Shipping container restaurants are coming to Detroit!

-Spoilers! We talk about the DC Rebirth comic leak!

After Dark Episode 10: The Quest For Content

Chris from chrisandtanner.com returns! If you don’t listen to the Chris and Tanner Podcast…you should!

Eric and Chris went into this recording cold so join them as they search for content.

They speak of:

-Road Rage and Rage in general

-Fighting their fathers

-How old is old? Did we waste our youth by not writing books about dragons?

-Stupid webcomics!

-Stupid webcomics F**king!

-We skirt precariously close to infringing on the Chris and Tanner  Love/Hate game IP

After Dark Intro/Outro by Mark Christopher. Visit him @ markchristophermusic.bandcamp.com