Episode 91: Vidiots

In this episode…

-Hey, everyone! An Old Dan is speaking… Let’s listen!

-Dan announces what he’s been tirelessly working on behind the scenes.

-The Nintendo Switch is out! Smells great, tastes awful.

-Eric wonders how long it’ll take for a Joy-Con to go… Well, that happened after we recorded.

-Eric also reviewed the Doctor Strange blu-ray on Amazon.

-Eric calls Comcast and talked to Jamaica.

-Classic arcades are DYING!

-Insane genius plays EVERY NINTENDO GAME EVER.

-And we close it out with Listener Mail… FRANK.

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After Dark: Logan


In this After Dark episode, Eric is joined by the titular Tanner previously of the Chris and Tanner podcast. Together they breakdown the recently released GREAT FILM Logan…and subsequently spoil the sh*t out of it. So, spoiler-goggles on. You’ve been warned. (Seriously, if you haven’t seen Logan yet, don’t listen.)

They also begin to assemble the pantheon of all-time great superhero movies in a podcast that transcends both time and space.

After Dark intro/outro music by Mark Christopher

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Episode 90: Some Events That Were Unfortunate And Serialized

In this episode…

-Shout out to Sweden #SwedenStrong

-Eric has a bad day

-Dan plays Street Fighter IRL

-Introducing Netflix to your parents

-Dan talks about the Nintendo Switch and Eric considers extreme measures to get a NES Classic

-95 is pretty old, I guess

-Eric saw a whole bunch of new movies and TV shows

-If you’re keeping score there are TWO RuPaul mentions in this episode

-And finally, we put one of our listeners on BLAST

Episode 89: Supa Bow Sundae

In this episode…

-Eric & Dan DON’T watch THE BIG GAME

-Idiots boycott stuff they never used in the first place

-Eric still doesn’t know/care what a square is

-Dan’s “The Batman” prophecy comes to pass

-Dan gets his store a negative review

-Eric gets scurred while playing Resident Evil VII

-IMDB is shutting down their message boards. May they burn in hell for all eternity

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Episode 88: The World’s On Fire…What’s On TV?

In this episode:

– Any audio issues? We’d like to hear about it.

– Episode 100 is coming! What’re we gonna DO?

– Talk sh*t, get hit.

– Nintendo Switch? More like Nintendo DON’T Switch, right guys?

– We talk about what we’ve been watching.

Music by Dot Org

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Episode 87: The Year Of Eric

Hey, 2017… Open wide!

-Dan predicts this will be the “Year of Eric”

-We talk about Rogue One. Spoiler! We both got misty at the end

-Carrie Fisher

-Mark Hamill is the coolest

-The Razzies are out and we’re not surprised by the film leading the pack.

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Episode 85: Is It A Selfless Act If You Tell Everyone About It?

In this episode Eric & Dan:

-Celebrate the release of Star Wars Rogue One! Not by going to SEE it, but debating which prequel was worse (Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones)

-Eric’s parents and Dan have similar TV watching habits

-Dan gets the Super Mario runs! Wait…

-Eric played the Telltale Batman game and that spawns a larger conversation about the future of video game entertainment

-This year’s MUST HAVE TOY…

-The must have toys from our past that we didn’t exactly want

-Eric narcs on his neighbors

-We donated to Toys 4 Tots not because we are nice people but because we want to TALK about what nice people we are

-We bring it home by talking about Eric’s funeral! Happy Holidays!

“Wonderful Christmastime” by Mark Christopher

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Episode 84: We Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

It’s somewhat of a return to form in our new America!  Join us as we talk about fun stuff like:

-Mass shootings! (Crap, that took a turn real quick)

-Comic books (Back on track!)

-Elderly loved ones and their slow slide into dementia (You know what? I quit)

Then we talk about some movies! Spoilers for Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. If you haven’t been near the internet for a month, that is.

Music by Dot Org

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