Episode 90: Some Events That Were Unfortunate And Serialized

In this episode…

-Shout out to Sweden #SwedenStrong

-Eric has a bad day

-Dan plays Street Fighter IRL

-Introducing Netflix to your parents

-Dan talks about the Nintendo Switch and Eric considers extreme measures to get a NES Classic

-95 is pretty old, I guess

-Eric saw a whole bunch of new movies and TV shows

-If you’re keeping score there are TWO RuPaul mentions in this episode

-And finally, we put one of our listeners on BLAST

Episode 89: Supa Bow Sundae

In this episode…

-Eric & Dan DON’T watch THE BIG GAME

-Idiots boycott stuff they never used in the first place

-Eric still doesn’t know/care what a square is

-Dan’s “The Batman” prophecy comes to pass

-Dan gets his store a negative review

-Eric gets scurred while playing Resident Evil VII

-IMDB is shutting down their message boards. May they burn in hell for all eternity

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Episode 88: The World’s On Fire…What’s On TV?

In this episode:

– Any audio issues? We’d like to hear about it.

– Episode 100 is coming! What’re we gonna DO?

– Talk sh*t, get hit.

– Nintendo Switch? More like Nintendo DON’T Switch, right guys?

– We talk about what we’ve been watching.

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Episode 87: The Year Of Eric

Hey, 2017… Open wide!

-Dan predicts this will be the “Year of Eric”

-We talk about Rogue One. Spoiler! We both got misty at the end

-Carrie Fisher

-Mark Hamill is the coolest

-The Razzies are out and we’re not surprised by the film leading the pack.

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Episode 85: Is It A Selfless Act If You Tell Everyone About It?

In this episode Eric & Dan:

-Celebrate the release of Star Wars Rogue One! Not by going to SEE it, but debating which prequel was worse (Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones)

-Eric’s parents and Dan have similar TV watching habits

-Dan gets the Super Mario runs! Wait…

-Eric played the Telltale Batman game and that spawns a larger conversation about the future of video game entertainment

-This year’s MUST HAVE TOY…

-The must have toys from our past that we didn’t exactly want

-Eric narcs on his neighbors

-We donated to Toys 4 Tots not because we are nice people but because we want to TALK about what nice people we are

-We bring it home by talking about Eric’s funeral! Happy Holidays!

“Wonderful Christmastime” by Mark Christopher

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Episode 84: We Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

It’s somewhat of a return to form in our new America!  Join us as we talk about fun stuff like:

-Mass shootings! (Crap, that took a turn real quick)

-Comic books (Back on track!)

-Elderly loved ones and their slow slide into dementia (You know what? I quit)

Then we talk about some movies! Spoilers for Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. If you haven’t been near the internet for a month, that is.

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After Dark: Nothing In The Rulebook

A very special transatlantic version of the show as Eric is joined by the minds behind nothingintherulebook.com!

(Yes, the audio on our end sucks. Give us a break, it was going ACROSS AN OCEAN. What’ve you done today? That’s what we thought.)

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