Episode 106: Uncharted Waters

Eric and Dan are joined by AN ACTUAL WOMAN in this episode:

– Dan played both the new Super Mario AND South Park

– We all saw Thor: Ragnarok


– New terrible seasonal sodas

– Our pals from the Cybertronic Spree were in town

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Music by Dot Org 

Episode 105: Devil Nights 2017

In this EXTRA SPOOKY episode Eric & Dan

– Talk a little about Devil’s Night as the suburbs burn around them

– Eric has a tragically hilarious interaction with a neighbor

– We solve all of the city’s problems. Just like we solved gun violence a couple episodes back

– Eric is still desperately trying to hold it togehter

– Dan passed out candy!

– Free comics aren’t free you ingrates!

– Gravel

– And we close it out with a rundown of 7 Essential Halloween Specials you MUST WATCH!

Theme music by Dot Org

Episode 104: Canadian, Clearly

In this episode Eric & Dan…

– Eric doesn’t know what episode this is, or maybe even WHERE he is. Dan never knew.

– Two Canadian legends passed this week. Which Titan of Toronto is next?

– Netflix is proving that the solution to quality content is to throw tons of money at it. Kind of explains a lot about this podcast.

– Some talk about comics

– Eric emailed one of our favorite comic creators…AND THEY RESPONDED!

– Dan played a new video game! Even though his PS4 controller HATES HIM.

– Eric is rapidly losing his mind. But, hey, he’s doing what he loves. Right?

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Episode 103: Ask Me About My Leftist Agenda

In this low-energy episode, Eric & Dan..

-Talk about Las Vegas

-Tom Petty has died… or did he?

-Eric’s dad has a new nemesis

-Everyone but Frank got a SNES Classic

-Marvel Legacy came out gave everyone what they wanted and no one was happy

-Star Trek: Discovery came out…and no one was happy.

-New one-time segment debut: Wayne’s Records

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Music by Dot Org

Episode 102: Now Available On LP!

Eric & Dan! Back at it again!

-We start the show off with a chuckle!

-A peek behind the curtain as to how our “studio” is decorated.

-Our pals at Passenger Recovery now have a podcast! Check it out!

-Eric saw IT. What? IT. Saw what? The movie IT. The movie it what?

-Eric had a run in with another nerd! And it didn’t suck!

-Someone done went and got a new victrola!

-Dan expands upon the depth of his show prep.

-Celebrities! They’re just like us! Except attractive and rich.

-And we bring it on home by talking about DEATH.

Theme music by Dot Org

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Episode 101: Eric & Dan Ride Again


First things first, super dope new intro by Ben Potter.

What have Eric & Dan been up to? We’re gonna tell you!

-Warp 9 Comics is the BEST OF DETROIT

-Dan has been busy twitching. Wait, busy with Twitch. It’s a website.

-Eric wrote an article for BiffBamPop and it got noticed!

-Force Friday happened…yawn.

-Nintendo botched the pre-orders for the SNES, surprising no one.

-Gibraltar Trade Center has gone away.

-A gun gets pulled at Wal-Mart, also surprising no one.

-Twin Peaks ended (maybe?) and it was weird as hell.

-And finally there’ s a big auction of nerdy movie props and we day dream a bit.


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Theme music “Exploding Life” by Dot Org



In this GIANT-SIZED 100th episode…

We start things off with the Extra Secret Overture by Dot Org

Eric & Dan talk about the origins of the podcast

Eric talks with Max (AKA Dot Org), the composer of our theme music, about his music and a variety of other things

Eric and Dan talk to Chris Tait (AKA Tait Nucleus?) of Electric Six & Belle Ghoul about his time in the Detroit music scene and his new endeavor Passenger

Then we bring it on home and talk about what, if anything, is next.

And finally Brook Pridemore plays us out…

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After Dark: The General Election Explained

AS PROMISED… Dan & Sam from Nothing in the Rulebook return to talk at length about the General Election!

Additional reading on the subject can be found HERE and HERE

A tremendous Extra Secret Thanks to the guys because as we all know there’s nothing in the rulebook that says a giraffe can’t play football!

Now back to work on Episode 100…coming soon!

Music by Mark Christopher


Episode 99: International Incident

In our PENULTIMATE 99th episode…

A meth lab blows up

A dirt-mall closes

– Our friends from Nothing In The Rulebook (Sam & Dan) join us to drop some SCIENCE on us about their recent general election. Additional reading can be found HERE and HERE ! They spell LABOR as LABOUR. If that doesn’t add some sophistication to this here podcast we don’t know what does…

– The Doctor is a woman now.

– R. Kelly is back at it again. And by “it” we mean doing some crazy sh*t

– The Disney D23 convention happened and SDCC next week doesn’t look interesting AT ALL.


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