Episode 111: Every Other Sunday

Sports are happening! But we’re not here to talk about that! In this episode…

– Eric reaches out to a MUCH LARGER podcast and gets a response. Then he wonders if the barrier between the famous and the fans has become too thin

– Great Day or  GREATEST Day? Things are going okay which must mean something terrible is on the horizon

– Dan is wrong as Eric goes all the way to CANADA to prove that he’s right and is ALWAYS right

– The best comic shop in Windsor, ON is in… Detroit?

-We’ve seen the Solo trailer-trailer

– We revisit the Prince hologram talk from last episode as it is (surprisingly) timely

– It’s flu season… for the love of god, stay home if you’re sick

Special musical interlude from The Reissues Here’s their Facebook and Instagram

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Episode 110: The Raspy E and Crazy D Fun-Time Hour!

In this episode Eric & Dan….

– Dan saw a meteor

– Don’t like that cardboard Nintendo thing? Well, it’s not for you anyways!

– Eric’s Jr. High dream comes true…in bright red plastic?

– Dan goes to the LCA and DOES NOT eat at Kid Rock’s place, disappointing thousands

– It’s been 2 years since Bowie died and Eric wants to remind you all that he saw him once

– Eric meets his neighbor with predictable results

– We run down the top 10 box office movies of 2017

– And finally…Eric loses his voice

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Extra Special Episode: The Last Jedi

Eric & Dan go to see THE LAST JEDI.

Recorded in the car to and from  the movie theater, we speculate for the first half then break down the movie with our RAW POWER first impressions. SPOILER ALERT for the second half…once you hear the alarm proceed at your own risk.

Episode 108: Ladder Why Hath Thou Forsaken Me?

In this episode…

– Eric’s dad had a fall

– Eric is done with the whites and makes a hasty call

– Dan talks about porno and has a ball (okay, joke over. Things take a predictably dark turn here)

– Dan tells a story from 23:44 to 27:32 that’s a HUGE F-ING BUMMER so you can skip ahead if you don’t like hearing bad stuff about animals

– I know how we can cheer up! Give DC/WB some grief. Ahhh better already

– Eric’s favorite video game and his favorite book are getting some much needed love

– Is Marvel/Disney getting the Fox films back (X-Men, FF)? We sure hope so!

– All this plus Quentin Tarantino and Star Trek, Ready Player One, and Dunkirk which leads to the tried and true comedy gold of…The Bane Voice

Tune in on 12/14 as we go to THE LAST JEDI in a rare ALMOST LIVE episode then we’ll be back for our SECOND CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

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Episode 107: Doomsday Co*k

Eric & Dan alone at last! So…Alone…

– It’s post Thanxgivin’ Dan worked, Eric watched him work, and then they bought video games.

– Star Wars Battlefront 2 was not good.

– Justice League was also not good. Which made us sad.

– It’s funny because DC is making some good comics right now. Case in point: Doomsday Clock was pretty cool

– Dan watched The Punisher

– The Tragically Hip documentary Long Time Runnin’ is on Netflix now. Required watching.

– And finally a correct correction from last episode

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Episode 106: Uncharted Waters

Eric and Dan are joined by AN ACTUAL WOMAN in this episode:

– Dan played both the new Super Mario AND South Park

– We all saw Thor: Ragnarok


– New terrible seasonal sodas

– Our pals from the Cybertronic Spree were in town

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Episode 105: Devil Nights 2017

In this EXTRA SPOOKY episode Eric & Dan

– Talk a little about Devil’s Night as the suburbs burn around them

– Eric has a tragically hilarious interaction with a neighbor

– We solve all of the city’s problems. Just like we solved gun violence a couple episodes back

– Eric is still desperately trying to hold it togehter

– Dan passed out candy!

– Free comics aren’t free you ingrates!

– Gravel

– And we close it out with a rundown of 7 Essential Halloween Specials you MUST WATCH!

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